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The MX Inspiration QI Electric shower

The MX Inspiration QI Electric shower

Our blog post this week is about a range of showers that are new to us at

The MX group electric showers are something pretty special. They come in a range of different outputs, from 7.5kw (MX Duo QI) to 9.5kw (MX Duo QI and MX Inspiration QI) and styles.

They look great as well with the minimalist and slim MX Solo offering a simple twist temperature control and 3 settings (Hot, cold and eco). The MX Duo also has that slim look with metallic control knobs and includes full temperature stabilization (no more hot or cold surprises in the mornings!). The MX Inspiration goes one step further with all the features of the previous models as well as the inclusion of a phased shutdown, high temperature cut out and low pressure warning indicator to ensure you have the most pleasurable and safest shower experience you can get!


What makes the MX Group range so special?

I am glad you asked! You might say that many showers have the same features that the MX group has but there is one key difference between the MX Group QI showers and the average electric shower – the water inlets.

Many people find that when they go to replace their electric shower for whatever reason they end up with the same model or the upgraded (and often more expensive) model from the same range because of the limitations of the water inlets.  Working your way through tiles to change the water pipe position isn’t exactly the quickest way to fit a replacement shower but often, unless you are replacing ‘like for like’ you will end up needing to do some kind of adjustment.

The MX Group QI shower range has 8 (yes 8!) different potential inlet points for the water pipes. This means that which ever model you are replacing and whatever the location of the pipes on the wall there will be a configuration for the MX QI shower that fits. This can save hours of work or a fair chunk of money if you wanted to try a different manufacturer or a different shower position.

The MX Group QI shower installation guide

The MX Group QI electric shower installation guide

Have a look at the installation guide to the left and you can see how flexible the installation is. Both the water and electrical inputs can be made from at least 5 different directions (and don’t have to be the same) and they can also be used with both push and compression fit pipes.

If you want flexibility and reliability then look no further than the MX Group QI Electric shower range.

MX Group SOLO QI Electric Shower

MX Group DUO QI Electric Shower

MX Group INSPIRATION QI Electric Shower

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