How to improve the look of your home with simple changes.

Home improvement is a hot topic nowadays as rising house prices continue to mean people stay where they are for longer and somethings the thought of shelling out for a complete refit of your home can send a chill down your spine. Luckily there are some quite easy ways of giving your home a freshen up without paying the big bucks.

Some of these things require a little wiring, some of them will require a tradesman but you can save a lot of money by knowing what you want and doing a little bit of DIY. In the spirit of full disclosure, at Power Discount we know what we like but we can’t pretend to be interior designers nor do we know what the difference is between ‘desert sand’ and beige on the walls. What we do know is sometimes a new set of sockets and switches or changing the your extractor fan in the bathroom can change the character of a room just enough to feel new.

Without further ado here is our “best looking” nominations for various categories on our website:


Decorative wiring (sockets and switches): Hamilton Hartland CFX range

Hamilton CFX

Pictured: Hartland CFX Satin Steel, 2G, 13A, Switched Socket with black inserts

The Hamilton Ranges always look great but there is something special about the Satin Steel colour in the CFX range. It has a warmer feel than some of the other metal colours and finishes, and the slight brushed texture to the plates that means they can be put in rooms with darker colours on the walls to create a cosier feel. While it is not quite as warm as some of the wood effect or bronze colours it is much less obvious and won’t draw too much attention.

The CFX indicates that these fittings are screwless which just adds a touch of modernity to the fitting (and makes them easier to clean without the nooks and crannies of a screwed plate).


LED Lamps: Crompton Manor House Flared Candle lamps

Crompton Manor House LED Flared Candle lamps

Pictured: Crompton LFC3CSBCWW 3W, Manor House, Small Bayonet Flared Candle LED Retrofit Lamp

Candle lamps look great in bed side lights, chandeliers and wall lights but they can also get hot, use a fair amount of energy (25w per lamp) and burn out roughly once per year. Swapping out your standard incandescent candle lamps for LED lamps is a great idea but too many LED lamps just don’t look very nice! They often have excess plastic around the base (to hide and house the retrofit technology) and are more clunky looking and less elegant than normal incandescent candle lamps.

Crompton have taken all this on board and have produced a fantastic looking frosted (satin) finish. All of the technology in the lamp is housed in a thin circular central pillar to remove the need for a plastic covering on the base. This creates a nice warm, well distributed light output that is comparable to a normal incadenscent whilst only using 12% of the power and with very little wasted heat (increasing safety).


Outside lanterns: KSR Modello 50 downwards wall lantern

Pictured: KSR1404 downwards wall lantern


What a beautiful outside wall lantern! This offering from KSR can make the front of your house standout on the street by creating a nostalgic feel to new build houses. Lots of people want character from their house but unfortunately character costs money!

Most new build houses end up with bulk bought half lanterns outside and whilst they can look great they do nothing to distinguish one house from the next. These coach lanterns have a anthracite finish which means they have the slightly dusty, dark grey look that can differentiate them from the solid black half lanterns and a more traditional shape that will make your home standout.

They take low energy CFL lamps (up to 23w) and can be wired very easily to the existing wiring set up. A lick of pain and a new lantern and the your home will provide that welcoming hit of nostalgia that only a brisk winter night and a warm lantern glow can provide.


Bathroom extractor fans: Manrose RT Deco 4″ extractor fans

Pictured: Manrose RTDECO100TC and RTDECO100TW

manrose-rt-deco100tc-4-extractor-fan-deco-designer-range-with-timer-in-brushed-chrome-349-pI don’t know about you but I’m not a big fan of the front grilles you find on bathroom fans. I think they take away from the aesthetic of the room and they are tough to clean properly.

The Manrose RT Deco is their decorative range of extractors fans and comes with a chrome or white fascia. They look nice and sleek, they are subtle on the wall and very easy to clean as there are no grilles or fiddly bits to work around.

The output of the fan is still great although it is slightly lower than the standard XF range at 75m3/h rather than 85m3/h.


There you have it! Some little changes you can make to your home to freshen it up and give it a new look. All available on our website now!

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