KSR New Qr10 Series Review

The new KSRFRD350 Qr10 series has worked up a storm with our great prices for these amazing new lights. FireBreak Qr10 COB 10W LED IP65 Integral Dimmable Fire-Rated Downlights with White Detachable Rim as Standard. KSR have designed and released the new Qr10 series to replace their LED10 range (KSRFRD200, KSRFRD201 etc). They come with a standard 3 year warranty and are shorter than the KSRFRD200, this design accommodates more households as they can fit into smaller cavities eliminating the restrictions in previous models.

The greatest part about this new design is the easy installation process that Qr10 offers. Instead of having to screw the to the lighting system to the driver, the new push fit terminals allow for a faster and flexible installation. The clamps on either side of the downlight allow for flexible use, for example if you were thinking of giving your ceiling a little boost, the clamps allow you to efficiently remove the light to avoid any paint getting on them, fortunately the fitting to the driver to the downlight is a plug away so they are easily removed and easily replaced after the job.
Another range the Qr10 offer is the CCT (colour changing technology, KSRFRD360 Qr10), at the back of the downlight (featured in one of our images below) there is a switch which allows you to flick between: Warm White (3000k), Cool White (4000k) and Daylight (6000k). This feature is great for electricians who have undecided customers as they have the option to see the range of colours without the hassle of installing three different lights.

The simplicity of the installation design allows almost anyone to do it themselves. If you are interested in DIY and want to give it a try whether you’re starting out as an electrician or just want to get the job done yourself, this would be the perfect product for you, allowing the freedom to install and uninstall at your own will.

Cap: LED

Wattage: 9.6W

Voltage: 240V

Colour: 3000K

Beam Angle: 46°

Lumen Output: 630

CRI: Ra84

Dimmable: Yes

Part L Compliant:  Yes

Warranty: 3 Year Warranty

Lamp Supplied: Yes

Driver Supplied: Yes


We offer incredible prices for these stunning lamps at £14.34 (Inc vat) and the CCT at just £21.30 (inc vat)KSR3KSR

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