Manrose MF100T review


The Manrose MF100T In-Line Mixed Flow Extractor Fan has an adjustable timer (1 – 20 minutes). It can be mounted in a variety of applications and are suitable for use with either rigid or flexible ducting. The new versions now also offer a 3 speed setting (Low, Medium & High). The new 3 speed setting allows you to analyse if its too loud for you or depending on the size of your room you may feel that the low setting is too little or the high setting is too much, so the medium allows you to have the perfect amount of ventilation for your bathroom.

They also have larger sizes such as 125mm and 150mm, they come in both standard and timer versions, however we only recommend those for extreme extraction conditions, so areas such as a shower block or a hotel where you will find high humidity environments.

The alternative to this product is the MF100S so it doesn’t have a timer and is turned on and off at the light switch instead of continuing to extract the air after the light is turned off. So the MF100T would have a timer of say 10 minutes on medium, so after the light is switched off it continues to extract the air for an extra 10 minutes to make sure your bathroom is completely clear. Which ever model you prefer is completely depending on the size of the bathroom you have and what fan you feel would best serve the space you have.

The Manrose 1230 is an accessory of the MF100T. A 100mm/ 4” circular in-line back draught shutter, which can be mounted onto the spigot of fans or in-line within the ducting. Its prevent cold air from being blown/drawn back into the room, reducing heat loss and energy consumption.

There are ridged and flexible types of ducting, from the picture you can see there is the Manrose 42000 which is a ridged PVC pipe ducting, it comes in a range of sizes from 4 inches to 6 inches. The other ridged PVC is the flat ducting 40150 this ducting is used for low profile cavities. Unfortunately for the ridged ducting you would need reducers and adapters to connect and change it to a round fitting.

The flexible ducting comes 3 different designs Manrose Primero FDT100 4 Inch White Flexible PVC Ducting is 3 metres in length and is very lightweight. The PVC hose is reinforced with spirally wound steel wire and is ideal for 4 inch and 6 inch extractor fans. The aluminium ducting is the Manrose 1050 aluminium Laminated Flexible Ducting is available at 10 meters in length, and a selection of diameters. Again this fitting comes in a range of sizes ranging from 102mm diameter to 152mm diameter. Last but not least is the Manrose INSDUCT102/INSDUCT127 is the insulated version of the Manrose 1050, this product would be suitable for loft spaces that tend to get cold, this stops the air from condensing and creating water pools which could cause the ducting to sag and decrease airflow in the system. The water could also drip down into the fan and cause it to fail so its important to get the insulated ducting if that area of the house tends to be cold.ducting

It’s been voted #1 in the top 3 most powerful fans as its capable of shifting a hefty 61 litres per second of air from your home so you can get an idea of what this little unit is able to do. Reviews have shown that this product is reliable, fairly quiet, easy installation, with a simplistic design, the positive reviews are endless for this little number and if you are in need of some serious extracting this little unit doesn’t mess about.

High quality ball bearing, long life motors, continuously rated and guaranteed for a minimum of 30,000 hours or 3 years manufacturer warranty cover.

  • High air flows are achieved through flexible duct
  • Compact overall dimensions
  • 3 speed fan settings for 100mm/4″ model
  • Double Insulation – no earth required
  • Fully Building Code compliant
  • Fully BEAB approved rated to IPX4.
  • Easy installation and maintenance with the fan assembly easily removed from rigid ducting installations using the specially designed construction




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