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Zano have really flipped the dimming game on its head by offering a wonderful range of LED dimmers to suit all house holds. It doesn’t matter if you’re dimming 1 or 10 lamps, they have something for you. Lucky for you I’ve dug through all the information and selected our favourites! If you purchase one of these be sure to use the hash tag #PDfaves so we can see how you use these innovative products.

Getting into one of our many favourites is the ZSMARTLED.

This is an easy fit 3-way dimming module, Zano have really stolen the light with the first ever 3 way dimming solution on the market today.

As most of us know multi-point LED hasn’t always been as easy as we would of liked it to be nor has it tried to make it easy, but Zano has finally broken down its walls to uncover this astonishing piece of technology, providing room for up to three rotary controllers on a single circuit!. The three rotary controllers consist of one master controller and two slave controllers. This kit can also connect directly to 3 core and earth wiring for next to no disruption on site! Pretty handy right?.

This unit truly is perfect with its 5-120w range, 3 point dimming system, flicker free system and to top it all off its as silent as the night, so no strange buzzing when in operation. Its also available in grid, plated and module versions. This would be great for Modern bedrooms and living areas. For example the master controller can be by the entrance to the room and then two slave controllers by the bed/ sofa areas so they can be controlled whilst comfortable. Zano also claim that it is the perfect solution for small commercial spaces, by having three controllers it makes it easy for staff to change the lighting to fit the area or if running a restaurant you may be open until gone 10pm so it would be easy to go from daylight settings to a toned it down evening setting to enhance the atmosphere.

Another favourite is the ZGRIDLED. This improved 5-250W ZGRIDLED+ is more advanced and compatible than ever before. Its new easy to install drivers really improved user experience. The improved features include: increased terminal size, a larger control knob and a streamlined module. Euro adapters are now available.

This range includes 9 adapters which includes European, the new Schneider Lisse, Hager, Deta and many more.

They have a learn and adapt technology which allows the circuit to load and adapt accordingly so it can have an increased mass of lamps that it can take on the unit. These smart settings enable flicker-free silent dimming to provide the best output for your LED’s. There new technology allows you to dim beautiful pendant lamps and chandeliers to set any mood in your home.

Not only is this range smart but it comes in 6 different colours to suit you. These colours include: Black, Black Chrome, Black Steel, White, White Chrome and White Steel. The best part about this range is you’re not limited to what combination you can you do, it can be fully customised to any project you may need.

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