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Optical Smoke Alarm


Kidde KF2
Kidde KF2 optical smoke alarm
The Kidde KF2 is an excellent value alarm that is interconnectable with the whole KF and SFW range of smoke and heat alarms. It has a 9V Alkaline battery backup incase of mains failure.

Kidde 2SFW
Kidde SFW optical smoke alarm with wireless connectivity
The Kidde 2SFW is a interconnected optical smoke alarm that will allow you to connect with up to 23 other Kidde units wirelessly. It has a 9V Alkaline battery backup incase of mains failure.

Kidde 2SFWR
Kidde 2SFWR optical smoke alarm with rechargeable battery and wireless connectivity
The Kidde 2SFWR is the same high quality, wireless alarm as the 2SFW but has a rechargable lithium battery meaning you won't have to change the battery at all. Comes with a 6 year guarantee.

Battery Backup
Mains Powered